How Do I Set Up My Spot UV File?

First, complete your business card design. Then, for the spot "UV" component you need to send us a separate artwork file.

You must either design the spot UV artwork using a 'black' spot colour value (eg: PMS Black), or if you are designing in CMYK colour mode you muse use the following values:  C=0  M=0  Y=0  K=100.

Your spot UV design must overlap the areas of your business card design that you want the UV applied to. There should be no other colour value other than 'black' or 100% K in your UV design (other than a white page/background colour).

If you have any questions please contact us.


Wait - Before You Upload!

Artwork issues are the #1 cause of delays and problems. Due to this please ensure you:

  • Review our artwork specifications and submit your artwork accordingly.
  • Use quality photographs/images (300ppi is recommended).
  • Supply your design on our templates.
  • Proof your job thoroughly.

Important: Your artwork files are deemed to have been supplied to us in 'final form' which means they are press-ready with no need for modifications.


Please upload jpg, jpeg, gif, png, eps, ai, pdf,cdr,psd images only File should not be larger than 50MB in size.

You can upload artwork latter in order details page in my account section menu