Offset Printing - KBA 74 Karat  at Precision PrintingCompared to other methods of printing, offset printing is still best suited for producing large quantities of high quality print in a cost-effective way. Even though many offset printing presses have a bad reputation for their lack of eco-friendliness, at Precision Printing our KBA 74 Karat 29" waterless digitally integrated, sheet fed, offset press is considered to be one of the 'greenest' on the planet - without sacrificing quality.


Our KBA 74 Karat utilizes a Computer-To-Plate (CTP) imaging system which provides higher quality results than older systems which use film to image the printing plates. Computer To Plate (CTP) eliminates stripping, compositing and other traditional plate making processes, and provides quicker prepress time, lower labor costs, and improved quality of print.


Traditionally, one of the biggest downsides to offset printing is the time and materials required to set-up each print run (commonly referred to as 'make-ready'), but the KBA 74 Karat is so efficient that it cuts make-ready wastage down to a small fraction of traditional offset printing presses.


For a 29” printer of this calibre, the KBA 74 Karat has a very compact footprint (12’-9” long, 7’-3” wide and 7’-0” tall) and everything about it is designed for efficiency and user-friendliness. For example, the machine holds two cassettes of imaging plates (sufficient to print 10 jobs) which are imaged and changed automatically within the printer.


A complete job change with automated plate change, imaging and inking only takes about 15 minutes, with a maximum of just ten make-ready sheets. Featuring a maximum production speed of 10,000 sheets per hour, its waterless offset plates that can allow print-runs of up to 100,000 copies before a plate change is required.


This press does away with paper waste, ink sludge, toxic cleaners and chemical developers that are typically associated with offset printing. Through its use of soy based inks, completely waterless printing technology, and inline aqueous coating, the KBA 74 Karat provides the highest quality eco-friendly print solutions you’ll find anywhere without sacrificing print quality one bit!