Variable Printing adds a 'personal touch' to all your direct-mail marketing!

Let’s say you wanted to send out a 100 "Thank You" postcards to clients or friends. Imagine how long it would take to write all of those thank you messages and then address them all.

One way to cut down on a lot of the work would be to create just one thank you message and have it pre-printed on all of the postcards. Then all you would have to do is write in all the recipient names and addresses… or… you could use your computer to print all of the names and addresses onto labels, and then attach the labels to the postcards which would save even more time and effort.


Variable Printing is the Simple Solution

Variable printing is a type of print-on-demand where parts of the design can be changed without interupting the printing process. It’s an extension of digital printing technology which integrates a spreadsheet file with the printing equipment via specialized software.

So, in the case of the "Thank You" postcard project, you supply the graphic design for the postcard as well as a separate spreadsheet file (eg: xls, csv, etc.) that contains all of the information that needs to change on each postcard (ie: the names and mailing addresses). Here is an example of how the spreadsheet should be set-up:

spreadsheet example for variable printing

Our specialized variable printing software will communicate between the spreasheet file and the printer, and automatically add the spreadsheet information so it prints at the same time as your graphic design. The result is a stack of pre-printed postcards complete with names and addresses, that are ready to be stamped and sent in the mail!

If you have any questions about variable printing or any of the products or services that Precision Printing can provide please contact us – we would be happy to hear from you!